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TechnoDex Berhad

Information Technology Enabler through providing
multiple disciplines of ICT services in the region



 The Group offers vest selection of value-added services through technological capabilities.  Amongst them are


ICT Professional Services 

ICT Professional Services that comprises of Application Development Service, Application Support and Maintenance Service, and vertical solutions and consultation.


ICT Recruitment and
Outsourcing Services

ICT Recruitment and Outsourcing Services that focuses on sourcing, selecting, and outsourcing to fill for human resource needs.


Cybersecurity Services 

Cybersecurity Services that comprises ISO Consulting Service for Cybersecurity, Penetration Testing, and PCI DSS Scanning and Certification


Budget International
Roaming Services

Budget International Roaming Services provides innovative and budget services to the business and leisure travelers in the region.


Big Data Solutions and Services 

Big Data Solutions and Services that comprises of Data Security, Data Cleansing and Migration Services, Data Warehouse and BI Solutions, and Data Science Strategy Services.


Payroll Processing Services

Payroll Processing Services span end to end payroll process, tax administration and reporting services.  Client can take advantage of our expertise and lighten routine administrative tasks by outsource the payroll process.  It enable reduce operating costs and increase profits.


Online Hotel Reservation

Online Hotel Reservation Services providing online hotel platforms worldwide, listing hundreds of thousands of hotels and providing services in the Region. Employing world-class technology to offer instant confirmation for the listed hotels with 24/7 customer supports.


Property Data Sales &
Consulting Services

Property Data Sales & Consulting Services that aspires to provide value-added services and property information to the financial, real estate, and consumer industry.


Trainning Services

Training Services that comprises wide range of IT and ICT related topics, including methodological and application areas. There are available of specific courses with customized content can be arrange.  Our training is designed to implement programs using proven techniques in the area of safety, security, risk, reliability and the environment.


Online Payment Gateway

Online Payment Gateway Services, empowered by Malaysia’s Payment System Act and also PCI Data Security Standard (DSS), offers Online Payment Services to regional eCommerce retailer and merchants.

Software Solutions

ISO Document Management System

ISO DMS is a web based document control solutions which substitutes tedious manual work in paper-based document management with predefined versioning control, document cross-reference, document routing, document distribution, and obsolete document control. It is developed according to ISO document control requirements for various standards, including but not limited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 17025, ISO 22000 and OHSAS 18001.


Electronic Form (“eForm”)

eForm is an electronic and web-based form and record management system with workflow capabilities enabling the design of HTML form template and work flow processes such as submit, review and approve through local network or internet. Among the purposes of Niix eForm is to assist user to improve accuracy of data collection and data retrieval.



Hotelsurfs is supported by a hotel content database system that links with global hotel room alliances to retrieve latest room rates as well as hotel information. Hotel Content Database holds multi-lingual descriptive content and images for more than 100,000 hotels. This data is used by the online distribution channels to facilitate the booking process.



SurfsPay is an online payment processing application built on our own technological platform.  It is compliant with international standard and thus allowing us to capture the global e-commerce market which has recorded significant growth over past two decades.

Quality Improvement System (“QIS”)

QIS is an ISO quality assurance system equipped with pre-configured web-based system consists of process workflows from each specific modules allowing systematic tracking workflows. QIS assists user to categorize issues, assign responsibility and attach related data with systematic tracking workflows and escalations of process such as review and approval, status validation, and automatically notify all users on status updates.


Training Management System (“TMS”)

TMS is a web-based employee training management solution to assist user in meeting training objective, improve employee competency for daily job operations, job duties and responsibilities. It enables user to develop training program, training content, schedule, and assessment with tracking history based on criteria such as employee, department, and training program.



TalkSurfs is an innovative solution catered to business and leisure travel needs, providing an added feature to facilitate low cost to free international roaming service.  Customers will need to purchase a SIM card in order to facilitate the diversion of incoming and outgoing calls to our gateway for conversion to free unlimited roaming calls. Customers can go ahead and make and receive as many calls as they want in over 200 countries in the world via RoamSurfs dedicated gateway without worrying the expensive roaming bills from their local telecommunication providers.