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EvoDex Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

EvoDex Solutions Sdn. Bhd. specializes
in providing data solutions and services



Established in February 2004, EvoDex Solutions is 100% owned by TechnoDex Berhad, specializes in providing data solutions and services. EvoDex was transformed to offer solutions and services to extract values from Big Data.  Big Data is a huge opportunity that is still largely untapped, and the team is working to revolutionize what the businesses can do with it.




Data Security – Storage Solutions and Management 


Data Risk Governance and Management Services


Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Solutions and Services

  • Develop business led data strategies
  • Architect and implement diverse analytic ecosystems
  • Manage and support analytic ecosystems

Data Cleansing and Migration Services


Application Source Codes Review for Security Loophole


Data Science Strategy Services

  • Data Science Assessment – reviews current capabilities and makes recommendations for tools, teams, operating model and governance.
  • Proof of Concept – gathers insights from experiments and link those insights to current business challenges.
  • Implementation – operationalizes use case/s by inserting models and visualizations into production.
  • Data Science as a Service – maintains and upgrades previously built models.  Updates business with new patterns and insights.